Monday, April 21, 2014

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Community Service
What is the Community Web Site?
The Community Web Site allows parents and centers to communicate online (no more lost flyers and unnecessary phone calls!). Centers can post announcements, upcoming events, lunch menus, class schedules and other important information all in one place on the Web.
How does the Community Site work?
ParentWatch creates a customized Web site for the child care center. The center director updates information each week so that parents get the information they want, when they want it. Parents simply log on, enter their user names and passwords and access the center information posted by their child care centers’ directors.
How does the Community Site compare to your Internet viewing service?
Both the Community and the Internet viewing services enable parents to stay informed about their children’s day. The Community Site is a series of online communication tools between parents and center staff, and the video service allows parents to see their children while at the centers.
How do parents subscribe?
If a center already has ParentWatch, parents can simply go to the ParentWatch Web site and enroll on the secure sign-up page.
Can parents refer their children’s centers?
If parents would like to refer their children’s centers, they can go to the ParentWatch Web site and sign up on the secure referral page or they can click here and complete the form.
What’s the reaction to the ParentWatch Community Site?
ParentWatch’s Community Site has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from both parents and child care providers who view the service as a positive way to further meet the needs and demands of today’s busy families.

Typical of the response from center directors is this comment:

“This service is extremely helpful in communicating with parents. It isn’t easy to get notices out every day…putting the information on our ParentWatch Community Site makes it a great deal easier.” Center Director, Kiddie Academy Sparta, New Jersey

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